Greenhouse Ventilation

    Posted on 09 April 2017

    In the upcoming warm summer months, it is important to make sure your greenhouse is adequately ventilated. Ventilation can be achieved naturally or mechanically and is important for a number of reasons. 

    Greenhouse ventilation decreases temperature, circulates the air, and allows for CO2/O2 replacement. Greenhouses trap heat by design so when the outside thermometer begins to climb it is important to have a way to let some of that warm air out. Ventilation circulates the air and allows new air into the greenhouse, which in turn replaces CO2 used by the plants during photosynthesis. 

    Roll up curtain with gear box


    Natural ventilation is achieved without the use of electricity. On smaller greenhouses, it can be as simple as opening the doors, but on larger greenhouses, it can be easily achieved through the use of roll-up curtains. These curtains can be raised or lowered using a hand crank or gear box. Raising the curtains circulates the air in the greenhouse allowing fresh air to come in and heat to escape. 








    Mechanical ventilation uses exhaust fans and shutters to pull air through the greenhouse. Cooling systems
    Greenhouse wall fanmay also be used to further decrease the temperature of the greenhouse. Horizontal Air Flow 
    fans (HAF fans) can be added to maintain even circulation of the air. This can all be regulated through the use of a thermostat or environmental controller.





    As the temperatures rise be sure your greenhouse is well ventilated. Contact us today to see how we can help!


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