5 Easy Tips for Choosing Healthy Ornamental Plants

    Posted on 11 April 2017

    Profusion of zinnias (binomial name Zinnia marylandica) in summer garden, northern Illinois.jpegThe pretty plant full of blooms may draw your eye first, but don't choose a plant until you read these 5 tips

    1) Overall color of a plant should be considered. A healthy plant should have a vibrant green color
    leaves & stems. *Washed out or pale foliage (unless the natural color of the plant) can indicate a lack of water or nutrients. 

    2) Check the underside of plant leaves - any white powdery looking substances, black ashy looking colors or clumps of material at joints.  *These  signs can indicate infestations of mealy bugs, aphids or plant diseases. Which can spread to other plants if NOT treated.

     3) Black discoloration on the stem that are not a characteristic or the plant can be an indicator of stem rot. *Stem rot is a fungal infection in the stem of a plant.  

    4) Choose a plant that is in a variety of stages of bloomA healthy plant that will produce more blooms (as shown to the right).  Tight new buds mixed with fully opened flowers is best for providing continuing blooms longer. *Trim blooms as they die off to promote new blooms. 

    5) Check to see that the plant is well rooted.  A well rooted plant can be carefully pulled up in the pot to show the roots.



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